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Creating A Gap Through Meditation

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Through the practice of mediation, we are able to create a gap between our thoughts and our behavior.  By staying present in the energy in the body instead of getting wrapped up in our thinking, we can create choice about our behavior.  This is the story of my own experience of getting bit by a cat.  I couldn’t believe it. “We were supposed to be friends,” I thought, and to my horror, my next thought was, “Kick it!” To read the full article, click...

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The Fly

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In my last article, I introduced the idea of working with the mind as a way of curbing one’s temper.  To read that article and watch a video by Pema Chodron, click here.  Pema explains that we have little control of our external environment, so, what to do when we feel agitated, angry, and aggressive?  We have to learn to work with our own minds.  How do we do that?  Through meditation. The Fly We have all had the experience of being annoyed by a fly.  You swat it away only to have it come back.  You kill it only to have another one appear.  This is how the mind works as well; our thoughts being like a fly.  An annoying one pops up and goes away. Then an...

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Got A Temper? Wear Some Shoes!

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Wondering what the heck I’m talking about?  Watch this 2 and a half-minute video of Pema Chodron to hear the explanation. Pema is saying something we don’t want to hear – that the key to our own inner-peace and happiness has to do with the way we work with our own minds. Life is for the most part out of our control.  It is impossible to make everything go the way we want it to or think it should be. Why Can’t the Other Person Just Change? Most of us are very invested in getting other people to change and be as we’d like them to be.  We think things like, “If he/she would only: stop yelling at me make more money be home...

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The Joshua Bell Experience

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A remarkable story was published in the Washington Post that was written by Gene Weingarten entitled, “Pearls Before Breakfast.” The gist of the article is this:  One of the finest classical musicians in the world, Joshua Bell, plays his violin (which by the way is worth 3.5 million dollars) in the DC subway to commuters on their way to work, and hardly anyone notices. He plays some of the most difficult and beautiful pieces that can be played by a solo violinist, and earns about $32 in tips. Two days before his performance in the subway, Joshua Bell had sold out Symphony Hall in Boston where the average seat price was $100.  If you’d like to read the...

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