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3 Mindfulness Activities You Can Do With Your Child Today

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“Mindfulness means paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness. It’s popping up everywhere! The reason? We now have the ability to study the brain like we haven’t before due to modern technology, and the results are in. Mindfulness is good for your health, your stress level, your relationships, healing trauma, giving birth, developing compassion for others, developing self-compassion, communicating clearly, and living a happier life! For more information on the neuroscience behind mindfulness meditation, The Buddha Brain by Rick Hanson is an excellent resource. Even though most of...

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Ending the Torment of Regret

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This is real life. You will be asked to make decisions that will bring you to your knees. You will wrestle and grapple with whatever it is. You will shed tears of agony and pain and then… You will choose, because you must. You will do the very best you can in that moment. And then…. Regret will set in. It may creep in slowly, or it may hit you like a bullet train. Your mind will tell you stories about how the other choice would have been better. The other choice would have had less suffering. The other choice would have been right, good, and happy. Your ego will judge you with the weight of 100,000 elephants crushing your soul. You’re stupid You should have known...

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Hiking With My Son ~ A Mindfulness Practice

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It’s one hundred degrees in town and the ninety-degree temperature at my house in the mountains feels almost cool in comparison. I decide it’s a perfect day to take my 2-year old son Xavier for a hike.   I know the spot well; a flat trail with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains in the state park just a few miles away.  As soon as we hit the trail he starts running. Fast. I know what’s coming next and cringe. He falls. It seems to hurt me more than it does him. He jumps up and keeps running. He trips again, this time a full-face plant. I rush over to him, and then back off as he pops back up, mouth covered in dirt.  We continue this way, stopping...

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How Thought Labeling Can Reduce Anxiety

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I am on a hike with my husband and 4-year-old son. We are doing a loop, and we’ve got about a quarter mile left, which is all uphill. We stop for some water and snacks to fuel up for the last stretch. My son sits happily eating a Lara bar. “Look at this ant Momma!” he says. I respond, but it’s halfhearted if I’m honest, as my attention has been pulled elsewhere. The sky is getting dark and the clouds are moving swiftly. The sun seems to have vanished. “It’s going to rain,” I think to myself. Then my mind is off and running. “We’re going to get soaked!” “He’s going to be miserable.”...

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Creating A Gap Through Meditation

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Through the practice of mediation, we are able to create a gap between our thoughts and our behavior.  By staying present in the energy in the body instead of getting wrapped up in our thinking, we can create choice about our behavior.  This is the story of my own experience of getting bit by a cat.  I couldn’t believe it. “We were supposed to be friends,” I thought, and to my horror, my next thought was, “Kick it!” To read the full article, click...

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