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Creating A Gap Through Meditation

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Through the practice of mediation, we are able to create a gap between our thoughts and our behavior.  By staying present in the energy in the body instead of getting wrapped up in our thinking, we can create choice about our behavior.  This is the story of my own experience of getting bit by a cat.  I couldn’t believe it. “We were supposed to be friends,” I thought, and to my horror, my next thought was, “Kick it!” To read the full article, click...

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Anger and the Three Boundaries

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I recently got angry.  Really angry!  And I found myself needing to set a physical boundary.  I picked up my chair and left the dinner table,  and in front of my grandparents, aunts, niece, parents, brother and husband declared that, “I need some space!”  We were talking politics, but that’s another article… What is it about anger? We have all gotten all kinds of messages about anger, basically that it is “bad” and that if we were just a little more enlightened, we wouldn’t have to feel this pesky emotion anymore.  There is no doubt that people often do things that they later regret when angry, which seems to be the main...

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