Are you tired of having no self-confidence?


Does it seem like your life has no purpose?  Or does your lack of self-confidence limit your relationships, job opportunities, social interactions, the pursuit of your dreams, and overall happiness?  Do you feel like the person that you present to the world isn’t really you? Does feeling anxious lead to second guessing yourself, worrying about what you said in social or professional situations, feeling disrespected by others, and endless self-criticizing?  Is not believing in yourself taking its toll on your life?

You can change the way you feel about yourself.

The good news is that low self-esteem is learned. Since you learned it, you can unlearn it.  People learn to not feel good about themselves for all kinds of reasons, including the experience of traumatic events, cultural conditioning, and dysfunctional relationship patterns which often begin during childhood.  With support you can learn how to:

  • Become aware of and stop unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Feel confident in social and professional situations
  • Manage your anxiety
  • Respect yourself
  • Recognize your unique gifts
  • Pursue the life you are meant to live!

What if I’m hopeless?

You’re not.  It is possible for anyone to change their negative beliefs about themselves simply because they are not true!  We all make mistakes in life, and we all deserve to feel valued and happy.

I’m afraid to fail.

This is a common reason why many people continue to struggle with low self-esteem.  Fear of failure is a trap, preventing self-growth and change.  You really can’t fail.  “The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”- Anonymous

I’ve tried self-help books, workshops, and tapes.  Nothing has helped me.

It can be very difficult to create lasting change in your life without ongoing support, feedback, and an understanding of why you do what you do, and how your behaviors serve you.  Even the most dysfunctional behavior serves a purpose.  I can help you through a complete process of change.  Once you experience success, your self-esteem and confidence will improve, allowing you to make the changes you want to in your life.

Equine Psychotherapy

For those looking for a truly unique therapy experience, I offer equine facilitated psychotherapy.  Simply put, therapy takes place outside and includes horses, nature, and fresh air.  Clients being to understand their feelings, view of the world, and behaviors through the interactions they have with horses.  For more information, please click on The Horses page of my website.

What if I’m not ready to take the step to begin therapy just yet?

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What I believe:

We all have something unique to offer the world. Often, our uniqueness is not nurtured or supported by those around us.  My passion is helping people overcome the barriers that are between them and the life they want to live.  I can help you recognize and remove these barriers so that you can begin to Be Yourself again, and Be Confident.